The earliest beginning of TheF1Store.com was not different from how many of you started out collecting Racing Memorabilia.

Being a car nut from a very early age, my interest soon shifted towards racing as the faster it goes and the "better" the competition, the more fun it is, at least for me.

Over the years I built up an important collection of racing memorabilia, autographed items, automobilia and motorcycle related items and started swapping and buying over the Internet.

As I got more time available, I decided to turn it into a business which resulted in the creation of TheF1Store.com.

All items on this website are for sale, there are no items "Just for display" to tease you.

I have much, much more available and will be adding items on a regular basis but adding them is quite time consuming so there won't be hundreds of new arrivals a week but you can join our mailing list to stay abreast with the new arrivals or, alternatively, you can check our website's "New Arrivals" section on a regular basis.

All original items are thoroughly researched and we guarantee the authenticity of them for an indefinite period of time. All items sold are maintained in our digital archives for future reference.

The website also features current and obsolete racing merchandise as well as current reproduction items.

We ALWAYS indicate if an item is reproduction or original in the item description to avoid confusion.

If you have ANY questions regarding the items on this website, feel free to contact me at info@macora.com

Best regards,

Proprietor and acknowledged Racing Nut