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Ultra scarce original 1971 Turkish B&W Lobby Card for 'Le Mans' showing the unfortunate driver of the Ferrari being carried away to a helicopter and Steve McQueen and Elga Anderson on the right.

Features the "Akun Film" logo and Turkish title "Buyuk Yaris".

Turkish movie culture was significantly different from what we know in the West in the early 1970's and lobby cards circulated amongst movie theaters along with the movies themselves. In the West, theaters could keep the cards, in Turkey they had to go back to the distributor and were sent out again to the next theater.

As a consequence, these cards have seen considerable use and usually have a good number of pinholes.

A couple of years ago, we bought the complete stock of "Le Mans" lobby cards from the former Turkish distributor "Akun Film" in Istanbul.

It is safe to assume that there are hardly any of these lobby cards in circulation apart from the ones sold by us.

We only have a couple available and as mentioned above, they have all seen hard use so don't expect them to be in mint condition.

Measures approximately 9.5 x 7 inches.

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